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Three reasons to buy local art!
Three reasons to buy local art!
Three reasons to buy local art!
Three reasons to buy local art this holiday season and beyond!
1. Original works are alive
Direct from the artist’s hand, an original painting or sculpture, finely crafted jewelry or turned wood may be more expensive than a copy, but it’s alive with the artist’s spirit and vision! Nothing mass-produced by an anonymous machine can come close to the sense of vitality that emanates from an original work of art. Why fill your home with machine-made kitsch when you can own original and affordable works of art created by respected local artists? If your budget is tight, you can ask the artist or gallery about leasing work or paying by layaway.
2. Enhance your well-being
Like prayer, meditation and yoga, art can be a relaxing and spiritual force in your life, whether you practice it or simply look at it. Surrounding yourself with local art that is unique and meaningful provides a sense of comfort you can’t find in commercially manufactured products. Art becomes a life-long friend.
3. Become a collector
Have you ever collected coins or stamps? Most avid collectors are attracted by the beauty and rarity of these treasures. Original artwork is unique—one of a kind. You’ll never walk into someone else’s home and see your art on their walls. True collectors buy art for love, not money. They take pleasure in being surrounded by beauty, knowing that there is special meaning in the art they have personally chosen or commissioned. Since much local art is affordable and collectable, whether you collect by artist, genre, medium or style, you’re likely to find what you want right in your own backyard. Buy a piece of art because you love it, and let your own sensibility and intuition be the best guides.

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