Annibale Carracci

Annibale Carracci - Self-portrait
Annibale Carracci Self-portrait (Uffizi) Born November 3, 1560 Bologna Died July 15, 1609 (aged 48) Rome Nationality Italian

Annibale Carracci November 3, 1560 – July 15, 1609) was an Italian Baroque painter. Annibale Carracci was born in Bologna, and in all likelihood was first apprenticed within his family. In 1582, Annibale, his brother Agostino and his cousin Ludovico Carracci opened a painters’ studio, initially called by some the Academy of the Desiderosi (desirous of fame and learning) and subsequently the Incamminati (progressives; literally “of those opening a new way”). While the Carraccis laid emphasis on the typically Florentine linear draftsmanship, as exemplified by Raphael and Andrea del Sarto, their interest in the glimmering colours and mistier edges of objects derived from the Venetian painters, notably the works of Venetian oil painter Titian, which Annibale and Agostino studied during their travels around Italy in 1580-81 at the behest of the elder Caracci Lodovico. This eclecticism was to become the defining trait of the artists of the Baroque Emilian or Bolognese School. Source Wikipedia.


The Judgment of Hercules, 1596, National Museum of Capodimonte
The Cyclops Polyphemus Date of Creation: 1605 Art Movement: Baroque Created by: Annibale Carracci Current Location: Rome, Italy Displayed at: Palazzo Farnese
Date of Creation: circa 1589 Height (cm): 112.00 Length (cm): 142.00 Medium: Oil Support: Canvas Subject: Fantasy Art Movement: Baroque Created by: Annibale Carracci Current Location: Florence, Italy Displayed at: Galleria degli Uffizi Owner: Galleria degli Uffizi


Jupiter and Juno – Annibale Carracci – 1597 – Farnese Gallery, Rome.
Venus and Adonis circa 1595
Landscape with the Toilet of Venus

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