Support Greek Volunteer Firefighters

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Support Greek Volunteer Firefighters

In Greece, volunteer firefighting was established by law in 1991. Today, there are 2000 unsalaried volunteer firefighters and their only motive is their faith in the idea of volunteering, the love for what they do and their will to offer to their fellow citizen in a time of need. Most volunteers are young people, employees in the private or public sector as well as unemployed people and most of them have families and children.Volunteer Firefighters are considered as unsalaried firefighting employees of the Hellenic Fire Service with duties similar to that of paid firefighters.

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Support Greek Volunteer Firefighters

The Union of Hellenic Fire Service Volunteers was founded in 2008 with the purpose of representing and promoting Greek Volunteer Firefighters nationally and internationally in an effort for Greece to reach the level of most modern and developed countries where volunteer firefighters are accepted and welcomed by citizens and government authorities. The Union of Hellenic Fire Service Volunteers is a representative organization with national and international action, representing and protecting the rights & interests of volunteer firefighters and promoting volunteer unpaid fire and rescue services to society at large, both nationally and internationally.

Summing up on the work of our Union for the 6 years of action we can say that:

The Union has had a decisive role in applying legislative pressure in-order to modernize and upgrade Volunteer Firefighting Services in Greece, creating and reviewing relative legislation with a permanent seat on national working-groups and committees.
The Union has established bilateral relations with unions of professional and volunteer firefighters in other countries and it has achieved more than 10 meetings abroad aiming to promote the cooperation.
It has accomplished meetings with ambassadors and representatives of other countries in our country.
It has conducted detailed briefings, through letters and meetings of a great number of member of previous parliament.
It has appeared in electronic and printed media and a lot of articles have been written and properly promoted on the work of volunteers.

In the field of general actions we have actively taken part in:

Tree-planting and re-forestation.
Briefings at schools on topics concerning volunteering, the Fire Service and domestic fire safety.
Informing the general population through booklets on dealing with natural disasters.
Special training in First aid, Triage
Special Live Burn Training

Help us to continue our work.

By supporting us:

You Help us meet our objective which is to improve fire & rescue services in Greece
You Help us to buy much needed personal protective equipment for volunteer firefighters
You Help Local Volunteer Fire stations to purchase necessary fire & rescue equipment
You Help local fire prevention and help protect the environment

Every dollar/euro is extremely important to us!!!
Even a small donation goes a long way!
Your help is needed now!

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